Dear Partners, Customers & Suppliers

Power Source & Associates (Biopack) had just acquired an internet domain that will better express what our company stands for.
為了更具體的表示 勝騰生物 資源股份有限公司的定位, 我們申請了一個新的網域名稱,

Our traditional Paper Business and our Biodegradable materials, either together or individually, can provide you with top market quality solutions in food packaging.
我們PE淋模紙板的本業及新發展的生物可分解的材料能一起及分別的提供您在食品包材的領域裡, 最佳品質的解決方案。

We would like you to update your address book with our team's new email address:

特此通知您更新我們每一個人新的郵件地址, 在您的通訊錄上,

Messages sent to our former address i.e. and will be redirected to the new account during this initial stage of the change.
在這一段轉變的初期裡 , 我們原來的Biopack 郵件地址將可以自動轉寄到新的Biosources郵件地址。

Biosources website is under construction. In the meantime, for further
Information about our company, please visit Biopack website,
的網站正在架構中。在這段期間裡,有關更進一步我們公司的訊息,請瀏覽 網站